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Jansen Furs

Chinchilla fur is the most luxurious natural material in the world. Chinchilla coats are the finest, most supple and most delicate in the fur industry. Loved by royalty, actors , singers and other celebrities as a symbol of status, wealth and elegance. 


Characteristics of Chinchilla Fur

A unique trait of chinchilla fur is that from each follicle, up to 60 hairs can sprout.. The density of hair can reach up to 190 hair per square mm. The length of the guard hair is 2-3 cm and they make 25 per cent of the fur, while the rest 75 per cent consists of the underfur. Chinchilla coats are lightweight, supple and have a high insulation index because of the diameter of each hair which is extremely fine. The skin is very fine as well and has minimal elasticity and minimal tolerance to water and the hair is always perpendicular to the skin. 

They are so fine, that you have to submerge your fingertip in a distance of 2 cm until you realise that you are touching something


How Much is A Chinchilla Coat Worth?

Chinchilla coats are expensive due to the high demand and low supply in the market. 

The quality characteristics that determine a chinchilla coat’s value are

Color clarity (no stains, brownish or yellowish hair in grey/black chinchillas)

Density of fur (top lot chinchilla coats do not reveal their white skin when hair is blown)

Texture. Streaks, swirls or bald spots that break the even and smooth pattern reduce the value of a chinchilla coat

Chinchillas with a darker and broader central stripe are the most expensive ones. 

Our coats are fully made in Poland from the highest quality pelts (please read below about chinchilla fur quality). 

Chinchillas  rises at small family farms  and coats are designed and made by us. 


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 Model Joanna

3/4 long coat

Model Jannet

Short coat

Model Jacqueline

Simple stole

Model Claudia

3 in 1 coat.

3/4 coat, with a detachable part, which is a stole and a short jacket

Model Elizabeth

Simple delicate stole

Model Abigail

Short coat with huge collar.

Perfect for both casual styling and a great evening out.

Key ring / key chain 

A delicate, light fur ball that you can attach to your purse or wherever you want :)

Key ring / key chain 

A delicate, light fur ball that you can attach to your purse or wherever you want :)

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