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About us

Jewelery has always attracted us, silver, gold, precious stones, they have a charm and power that no other material has. Shaped by a human hand, they have the soul of the one who invented it, the one who made it and the one who wears it. It is time, thought and work enchanted in a unique object.

Plans and first attempts matured for a very long time, and finally, as it happens in life, our adventure began by complete accident, the roots of which date back to the 1930s...

To see the beginnings of the company, you have to go back to the 1930s when Mr. Felicjan Dolny dreamed of becoming a mechanical engineer. Unfortunately, his aunt, the founder of his education, suddenly died and his dreams were ruined. So he started learning the craft in the already well-known Kruk company in Poznań.

The first years of work and the coming war meant that he ended up in a prisoner of war camp in Dobiegniew. In order not to sit idle in the camp, he volunteered for work - he was assigned to a craft workshop in nearby Berlinek.

There he found freedom. Together with five Poles who also lived there at the time, they built the foundations of Poland there.

He received a house with an equipped mechanical workshop next to it. He started the production of watchmaking lathes for the Polish market and thanks to his brother living in Zurich, he found a market for the Swiss market.

Unfortunately, in the late 1940s the atmosphere was hostile to private activity and contacts with foreign countries. Harassed by the UB, he had to leave Berlinek to return to his hometown of Poznań with his wife and children.

He was a teacher at the Mechanical Technical School and studied extramural at the Poznań University of Technology. In the evenings he worked repairing watches. But a serious illness - tuberculosis, which was the result of the war, interrupted his work for 1.5 years and ruined his chance to graduate. When he recovered, he started working at the Jubiler company.

Another serious illness after several years ended with retirement. That's when the idea of starting my own business dawned on me.

In 1967 he joined the Cooperative of Goldsmiths and Watchmakers in Poznań. He designed most of the devices that he used in the plant himself and most of them are operational to this day.

Mr. and Mrs. Alicja and Andrzej Rowiński joined Mr. Felicjan Dolny's company in 1978, because they saw in it a chance to realize their life plans and dreams. They both graduated from the polytechnic.

They found two rooms in a new house they built. At first, they worked alone, assisted by Mr. Andrzej's father, a retired teacher who enjoyed simple jewelry work. Alicja's father, already very ill at that time, could only support them with advice.

Then they learned everything on their own, using the little experience that Mrs. Alicja gained while helping her father in the workshop, during the holidays, and from Mr. Andrzej's engineering skills, who constructed machines and improved production.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowiński operated within the Cooperative of Goldsmiths. The first designs and first orders were realized as part of the Poznań Fair. The company began to develop and employ the first employees.

At the end of the 1980s, opportunities opened up not only in silver, but also in gold.

The company produced mainly on behalf of Jubiler and Polsrebra, while orders exceeded the possibility of obtaining the raw material several times because it was rationed by the communist authorities.

In the 1990s, after the fall of communism, the company started operating on its own account, still as part of the Cooperative, but independently taking care of orders and sales.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Rowiński gave the company the name RoDo (short for Mrs. Alicja's parents' surnames and her husband's)

Thy added additional rooms to the existing rooms and created their own foundry from scratch. In the mid-1990s, the company already employed over a dozen people.

The company relied on cooperation with a dozen or so private jewelery shops and several wholesalers. 

ntensive development was stopped by the flood of jewelry imports from China, of lower quality, but more attractive in terms of price.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowiński focused on hand-made silver jewelery and gold products.

In 2015, for family reasons, they sold their large house and moved to Poznań, and the plant was located in two rented rooms.

Retirement was approaching, some employees went on it and production was systematically decreasing

Mrs. Alicja and Mr. Andrzej also decided to retire.

In 2018, we already knew that we wanted to have a jewelry company.

My husband Sebastian found an ad. 

We were in Poznań at the time and decided to visit the Rowiński plant...

We spent the whole day there and it took us 20 minutes to make a purchase decision.

That's how, by complete accident, we came across wonderful people who made our dreams come true. Mrs. Alicja and Mr. Andrzej agreed to accept us for the "term" and teach us the technique that they have been perfecting for two generations. Today, as JANSEN DIAMONDS, we have their workshop, which we are constantly developing and modernizing.

In our workshop, next to the devices designed and created by Mrs. Alicja's father and those purchased during the hard communism, they are quite modern. We use all of them and to be honest, we work best with the oldest ones - they still have a soul. 

What inspires us? - everything - words, gestures, images, music, their combination and penetration. A photo in the newspaper, an ornament on a church pillar, a book read and sometimes its cover.

We collect ideas and transfer them to paper, they are on cards, in notebooks and even on receipts that were at hand. They are everywhere: in the nightstand drawer, in the box on the kitchen counter, in the purse, in the dresser and neatly, neatly arranged in a binder entitled "ideas". Every now and then we go through them and that's when it all starts.

We select metal, stones, prepare waxes. We offer only what we can do ourselves, we have always assumed that the fulfillment of our dream is the ability and the ability to carry out our work from the beginning - from the thought, this light, through creating its specific image to the end - producing it with our own hands. 

We create our collections by hand, of course we use dies and castings, but even they are refined with our work.

We remember well what our Mentors' motto was and constantly improving our knowledge, we do everything not to bring them shame. Mrs. Alicja and Mr. Andrzej are happy that the work of 2 generations of their wonderful family is continued and the jewelry produced on their machines still brings a lot of joy to other people.

Our jewelry is addressed to people who appreciate craftsmanship, know the differences between the ring in its entirety - from the preparation of the alloy to the last polishing - it was made by hand in a Polish workshop and the one that came off the production line in thousands of copies somewhere in a distant country :) 

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